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Human-Machine Symbiosis

University of Toronto

Human-Machine Symbiosis

Human-machine symbiosis seeks to achieve a deep integration of human and machine, enabling the design of information technologies that conform perfectly with the human: physically, socially, and psychologically.

Our lab develops models of human perception, capabilities, and anomalous-events needs to enable deeper integration, and achieve greater utility in applying information technologies.

Models developed by the lab include the psychophysics of human perception and of social processes to better integrate new technologies for multi-user scenarios. These models are then validated and used to create fundamentally new technologies that enhance human capabilities.

Such technologies include gesture sensors, touch sensors, user interface software, and technologies to assist those with accessibility issues in living better lives.

Lab Leader

Daniel Wigdor

Associate Professor
of Computer Science
University of Toronto


Industry Partner

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Lab Team

Ravin Balakrishnan
University of Toronto

Fanny Chevalier
University of Toronto

Mark Chignell
University of Toronto

Tovi Grossman
University of Toronto

Karan Singh
University of Toronto

Postdocs and Graduate Trainees

Sultan A. Alharthi
PhD Candidate, New Mexico State University