Investing in Ontario’s Future: The Fields Institute launches Fields CQAM

From left to right: Ian Hambleton, Sheila Embleton, Reza Moridi, Phillip Siller, Arvind Gupta, Siobhan Roberts, Huaxiong Huang

On April 10th, 2018, Fields Institute staff, board members, and friends gathered to celebrate the launch of the new Fields Institute Centre for Quantitative Analysis and Modelling, (Fields CQAM), made possible by a $4 million dollar investment from the province of Ontario.

Fields-CQAM is a two-year pilot initiative that will position Ontario as the international leader in developing and deploying advanced mathematical methodologies for the emerging knowledge economy, partnering with the very best from industry, government, and academia. At the heart of Fields-CQAM are eight academic-industry research laboratories situated at universities across Ontario, each focused on a sector of strategic importance to the province, including healthcare, advanced manufacturing, cyber-security, FinTech, and machine-learning. These province-wide innovation clusters for research will create training opportunities for students and professionals, while transferring research, talent, and challenges from Fields-CQAM to our industrial partners.

As Ontario’s economic landscape shifts, with traditional industries becoming knowledge-based, and entire new sectors emerging, these partnerships are critical to effectively transfer knowledge between researchers and the industrial receptors able to efficiently commercialize research for the benefit of the broader economy. Fields-CQAM will foster and accelerate these partnerships through start-ups, training programs, and research laboratories, bringing highly skilled workers and their innovations into Ontario’s economy.

As the Hon. Reza Moridi, Minister of Research, Innovation and Science deftly put it, “In a world of big data, artificial intelligence, and accelerated change, mathematics is more important than ever before. With Ontario’s support, Fields-CQAM will help keep our province competitive in the knowledge economy.”