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Mathematics for Public Health

York University

Mathematics for Public Health

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This lab develops new, tailored modelling frameworks and standardized procedures to inform public health and vaccine production decisions and to strengthen our capacity for rapid response to emerging public health issues and vaccine industrial production needs.

Our lab creates an interdisciplinary interface in four targeted areas:

  • – acute respiratory infections;
  • – vector-borne diseases;
  • – food-borne pathogens; and
  • – antimicrobial drug resistance.

We provide training for students, post-docs, and health professionals in statistical analysis, optimization, coding, and algorithms that are relevant to predicting and preventing disease spread and providing advice to public health agencies and industry collaborators.

Lab Leader

Image of Jianhong Wu

Jianhong Wu
Canada Research Chair

Faculty of Science
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
York University


Industry Partner

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Lab Team

Dongmei Chen
Queen’s University

David Fisman
University of Toronto

Amy Greer
University of Guelph

Andrew Morris

Dion Neame

Francesca Scarabel
University of Toronto​

Postdocs and
Graduate Trainees

Mahnaz Alavinejad
PhD Candidate, York University

Roberto Bragazzi
Postdoctoral Fellow, York University

Christopher Chow
PhD Candidate, York University

Zachary McCarthy
PhD Candidate, York University

Francesca Scarabel​
Postdoctoral Fellow, York University

Biao Tang
Postdoctoral Fellow, York University

Marco Tosato
PhD Candidate, York University