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Fields CQAM awards four start-ups to develop solutions for health, fintech and quantum computing

From left to right: Tesseraqt's Erno Weinholds, Tyler Wilson & Richard Michael, Agnostiq's Oktay Goktas, Syndemedic's Mclean Edwards & Abbas Adiliman and Clientelligent's Darren Cabral

September 17, 2019 – Toronto, Ontario: The Fields Institute Centre for Quantitative Analysis and Modelling (Fields CQAM) announced today they have accepted four new companies to their 2019-2020 start-up incubator program. These start-ups address industrial research gaps in the areas of quantum processing, artificial intelligence for the financial industry, clinical drug trials and genomic engineering.

Welcomed to Fields CQAM collective by Director, Luis Seco, start-up companies Agnostiq, Clientelligent, Syndemedic and Tesseraqt will apply advanced mathematics to solve real world problems and develop novel technologies that advance industrial processes.

Agnostiq develops encryption tools for existing hardware which allow quantum circuits that encode user data to be securely executed directly on a quantum computer. Clientelligent helps wealth and investment management companies drive growth by applying bespoke deep learning models to predict activity and more effectively prioritize and engage with their clients. Syndemedic’s mathematical approach extends beyond traditional artificial intelligence solutions, applying expert algorithms and computational power to discover new drugs and predict their medical and pharmaceutical effects. Tesseraqt is developing new techniques in machine learning and bioinformatic data integration to predict the effectiveness of CRISPR genome editing.

The Fields CQAM incubator program provides start-up companies with funding support and privileged access to the larger Fields community, attracting some of the brightest researchers and entrepreneurs from across Canada. The program’s 2018-2019 incubated start-up, ProteinQure, recently announced a USD $4M Seed round led by Felicis Ventures with participation from 8VC, Golden Ventures, iNovia, Global Founders Capital and angel investor Tom Williams.


“This is a full-circle moment for me. My company, Sigma Analysis, was incubated at the Fields Institute in 1999. Now, I am delighted to be mentoring a new generation of entrepreneurs who are applying advanced mathematics to further research and innovation in a variety of industry sectors.”
– Luis Seco, Director, Fields CQAM

“We are honoured to be selected alongside such an outstanding group of peers. We can’t wait to engage with, and learn from, the folks at Fields CQAM.”
– Oktay Goktas, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Agnostiq

“I am exceptionally pleased that Clientelligent has been selected to be incubated at Fields CQAM, following in the footsteps of many great companies that we admire and have achieved tremendous success. I’m looking forward to being part of the community at Fields and connecting with the many talented people in its ecosystem.”
– Darren Cabral, Chief Executive Officer, Clientelligent

“We are excited to work together with Fields CQAM over the next year. There were many promising applicants, and we’re glad a few of them were accepted to the program along with us.”
– Mclean Edwards, Chief Executive Officer and Director, Syndemedic

“The Fields Institute is the perfect place for our company. Making predictions in genomics is incredibly difficult, and we can definitely benefit from fresh mathematical ideas. Few companies our size have the opportunity to engage the exceptional people here, as we’re now able to do on a daily basis. We’re very humbled by this opportunity and excited to translate it into value for our customers.”
– Tyler Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, Tesseraqt

About Fields CQAM

Launched in 2018, the Fields Centre for Quantitative Analysis and Modelling (Fields CQAM) applies Ontario’s expertise in advanced mathematics to challenges in healthcare, finance, manufacturing and other critical sectors of the provincial economy. Through 11 university-based labs, Fields CQAM strives to develop new businesses, technologies, and learning opportunities for students and professionals. Our thematic programs bring world-leading experts in quantitative sciences to the Fields Institute and university campuses across Ontario. The Fields CQAM incubation program provides support and guidance to the Province’s most ambitious mathematical entrepreneurs, and its acclaimed problem-solving hackathons use cutting-edge industry challenges as a tool for training and identifying practical business solutions. Visit to learn more.

About the Fields Institute

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