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Our Team

Luis Seco

Luis Seco
Dr. Luis Seco holds a Ph.D. from Princeton University and is currently the Director of the Mathematical Finance Program at the University of Toronto. Along with over 20 years of experience in both research and teaching, he brings to Fields CQAM strong connections to business and industry. He is co-founder of Sigma Analysis & Management Ltd. (1999), where he continues to serve as President and CEO. Dr. Seco has authored numerous papers on financial risk management, investments and market models and has won a number of research awards.

Tracy Barber

Tracy Barber
Partnerships and Development Officer
As a digital communications specialist, Tracy helped the Canadian Cancer Society and WWF-Canada make sound decisions about the technology they use to build awareness of their causes. She has also told compelling stories in print and online for the Canadian Aids Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE) and St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation. Now at Fields CQAM, she’s combining both skill sets to highlight CQAM’s leadership in developing tomorrow’s technology and strengthen its partnerships with stakeholders. She holds a B.A. Honours degree in English from the University of Toronto.

Aparna Bhardwaj
Business Analyst
Aparna is CQAM’s in-house business analyst. She has two degrees, one from the International Institute of Information Technology (Bangalore) and a Bachelor of Engineering from Bangalore University. Aparna has worked for and with startups, non profit organizations and for profit corporations, including Infosys. It is her strong desire to see technology and resources being used in a manner that can help address pressing social needs for people who cannot afford such technology.

Brittany Camp
Liaison Officer
Brittany has spent her career in science communication. Prior to joining the Fields Institute, and shortly after Fields CQAM, she was an Outreach Developer at The Science Museum in London, England, where she instilled a love of science in children K-12. Graduating top of her class with a Bachelors degree in Biology from the University of Southampton, she also conducted research for her paper published in Ecosystem Services. Brittany is excited to bring the best and brightest minds together at Fields CQAM to advance mathematical research.

Mario Grech
Mario is impacting Canada by helping Fields CQAM position itself as the premiere innovation hub nationally and around the world by commercializing the world-class applied research from Fields CQAM and its extensive ecosystem. He is a high-technology business executive, entrepreneur, and investor with international leadership experience in large Silicon Valley tech companies, including CRAY Research, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, as well as co-founding/co-funding four successful privately-held startup ventures. He is also an Adjunct Professor teaching entrepreneurship and an Associate Graduate Faculty Member at the University of Toronto’s Department of Computer Science (DCS). He is a co-founder and Director of the DCS Innovation Lab. He holds a Master of Business in leadership from Rice University, and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering from the University of Toronto.

Michael McCulloch

Michael McCulloch
Training Coordinator
Prior to joining Fields CQAM, Michael worked as a Research Associate for Toronto’s Ivey Foundation and as a Consultant for the World Bank in Rio de Janeiro. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and Latin American Studies from Carleton College, a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil and Mineral Engineering at the University of Toronto. His long-term goal is to eventually pursue a second career in mining and natural resources.