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About Us

About Fields CQAM

Fields CQAM was created in response to the need for highly skilled quantitative scientists who are capable of deploying techniques and methodologies that advance discovery in Ontario’s booming technological sector. We bridge the gap between academia and industry.

Leveraging collaborations with our industry partners, Fields CQAM is network of 11 research and training labs based across the province. Researchers solve real-world problems in science and technology while training a new pool of quantitative scientists who can rapidly translate innovation from ideas to implementation.

Our industry problem solving workshops (IPSWs) allowed private sector organizations to propose problems that academic researchers had just five days to solve.

We also continued the Fields Institute’s long history of fostering some of the best and brightest start-ups in Canada through our incubator program.

Fields CQAM offered professional development and continuing education to highly qualified personnel from around the world. Visit the CQAM page on the Fields Institute website for a complete list of thematic and focus programs, workshops, seminars and public lectures conducted from 2018 through 2020.

Learn more about what we do in our July 2019 report:

Fields CQAM July 2019 Report